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The sail in our logo is a seemingly inconsequential spread of canvas cloth. But it is the sail that provides a ship with what it needs the most to move ahead: propulsion and direction. It is an ingenious addition to a waterborne vessel, playing the role of a facilitator and a course setter. Over the centuries, the sail has evolved, but its concept has stayed the same.

With this philosophy of providing propulsion and direction to businesses, CONCEPT has emerged as a ‘Relationship-driven’ and ‘Human capital powered’ consulting house as opposed to a transaction seeking and employment providing business. CONCEPT does not accept clients unless it is sure of the value that can be offered to the client; and of the willingness shown by the client to allow it sufficient say in areas where it is expected to perform. In a ‘client-consultant’ relationship, CMCL believes that seasoned businessmen are ready to share value that is generated; associations that cause a downward financial trend are not sustainable.

In areas of Human Capital, CMCL constantly seeks and invests in innovative, high productivity resources. Knowledge is a pool, and Human Capital, a fountain. CMCL is on a constant quest to discover new fountains, and it is committed to reward performance in a magnitude that most other firms do not deem fair.



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